The World’s Gambling Industry – From Land Casinos to Online Casinos

The online casino industry has seen rapid growth during the last ten years. While at the end that century there were only several dozen online casinos for gamblers to choose from In the past 10 years, the number of casinos has increased exponentially, and today gamblers can choose from over 1000 online casinos.

Land-based casinos, especially in the US, have always promoted themselves as fun-filled places where gamblers of all ages, and later , also women, can gamble and have fun and if they gamble enough their rooms at the hotel are rewarded by the casino to encourage high-rollers to wager in their establishment.

In Las Vegas, Nevada the casinos have realized, soon Wager Free Bonus after their opening, that if they want to attract gamblers from the male population, they must offer entertainment to women. Free drinks were provided to the ladies waiting for their husbands or lovers who were playing.

When slot machines were introduced the game was mostly played by bored women with nothing else to do but sit in the casino. Casino owners have swiftly discovered an additional source of income , and they began actively promoting the game to women.

In the last decade of the 20th century Las Vegas got revamped from a mobsters-run town and turned more corporate. The casinos were massive and provided non-gambling-related entertainment to draw families on vacation. They began hosting huge conventions which turned Las Vegas to the convention capital of the US.

Tourism boomed, but the profits from Top Online Casino gambling have gradually started falling and some cities such as Macau are competing to Las Vegas as the city which earns the highest profits from gambling.

The arrival of online casinos in the mid 90’s resulted in another setback to casinos such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo. People were suddenly offered the chance to gamble at the comfort at home with only a single click.

In those days, the internet was not accessible to everyone on a personal computer. Those who did had one were forced to surf the internet via dial-up connections which were slow and unreliable. This created an issue, and looking back we can see that both of these factors led to delays in the bursting of casinos online.

In just a few short years more and more people have gained an access to computers on their own as mass production of personal computers have resulted in prices dropping, this corresponded with vast improvements in internet connections and the rise in internet surfing speed.

It was much easier for the average Joe to have a computer and surf the net at a reasonable rate. Once this was possible online casinos were able to be blocked. It became simpler and quicker downloading and installing casino applications, and, later on, with the advent of Flash technology, casinos were able to let players play their favourite casino games right through their browsers on the internet without downloading any large software onto their personal computers.

The rapid growth of the industry of gaming software providers and gambling brands has led to a thriving competition between the companies and has forced online casinos to employ a different approach than traditional casinos in terms of marketing and promotion.

Online casinos were unable to offer their patrons complimentary beverages and hotel rooms, therefore they needed to find other methods of marketing to attract gamblers. This signaled the birth of online casino bonuses and merchandize promotion.

Online casino have started competing with casinos that are based in the land and other online casinos by offering free cash bonuses to players who join them. They also have developed players’ reward programs that gave top players expensive branded merchandize.

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